Frequently Asked Questions


Basic Information:

Where are you located?

What is your phone number?

Fax Number?


8240 Naab Road 
Suite 360 (3rd floor)
Indianapolis, IN 46260

Which Building? A rose gold building, next to the surgery center off of Naab Road, on the Ascension campus (one block from the Women's Hospital).

Phone: 317.961.6396

Fax: 833.907.2332


How can I pay?

We accept cash, check, all major credit cards, contactless pay options, payment plan options, Care Credit, and insurance. 

What if I cannot pay?

If you cannot pay we will do everything we can to help look for savings, options, and to develop payment plans. We also accept Care Credit, which you can apply for online. We never want our patients to have to forgo quality healthcare so we will work on YOUR behalf.

Are you a LGBTQIA+ safe place?

Absolutely. We are proud to have received multiple certifications and awards for inclusion. We also are a credentialed LGBTQIA+ provider. At our office, everyone is treated equally, and we promise to provide you with the confidence, safety, security, and privacy you deserve. As such, we ensure that everyone is respected no matter one's identity, gender, race, religion, skin color, heritage, socio-economic status, age, or any other identity. 

How do I prepare for my appointment?

1. To best prepare for your upcoming appointment, please remember to add your appointment to your calendar so you don't forget! If you need to reschedule or cancel, we require a minimum of 24 hours of notice, to avoid a penalty. 
2. If you are a new patient, please arrive 15 minutes in advance of your appointment to fill out paperwork. 
3. [Optional] When you receive your appointment reminder, if you may see a link, you may follow the link and navigate through your Athena profile to provide medical history, allergies, and other information to expedite your visit. 
4. Please come ready with your insurance card, photo ID, and form of payment. 
5. If you take any medications you may wish to bring a list of your medications, dosage, frequency, associated condition(s), and prescriber. 

Do you sell skincare?

Yes, we do!
Please visit our products page for options, contact your specific provider to place an order directly through them, visit our store during normal office hours, or call 317.961.6396.
Certain products such as those that are medical grade or require a RX may only be purchased in store or through your provider directly. If you would like to purchase through your provider please follow the link, navigate to your preferred provider, and click to place an order. 
               Shop Online Now                           or        Buy through your provider

What are your hours?

Wednesday through Saturday 10 AM to 7 PM

Excluding federal holidays

How much is Botox?


It is important to us to give our patients the best pricing without sacrificing in premium healthcare.  We offer the lowest price in the area on BOTH BOTOX AND FILLERS!! Our Botox is ONLY $8.88 Per Unit! Our Fillers are only $489 / syringe regardless of the product or placement!

I had / have to miss school or work for my appointment, condition, or treatment. What are my options?

We provide notes for any eligible work / school absences. Your appointment must be for a medical reason to qualify for an absence note and is subject to your provider's medical discretion. Please let your provider know that you need a note at your appointment.
If your condition may qualify for eligible FMLA, short/long-term disability, or similar please provide the documents printed/or faxed to your provider at your appointment or to fax number 833-907-2332.  Please allow ample time for your provider to review your request, diagnosis(es), and fill out the requested forms. 

Is your office accommodating to disabilities? Accessible?

Yes, it is important to us to be able to properly accommodate our patients, and as such, we are credentialed as a disability accommodating medical office. We also pride ourselves as being a safe space for all people.
Our office has the following

Ample handicap parking 
Handrails in the restrooms
Handicap restrooms
Ample space for wheelchairs and walking assistance tools to navigate our office
Low to the ground (and adjustable) seating & More

If you have other questions about accommodations we provide, or may be able to provide, please call 317.961.6396.

What languages do your providers speak?

All providers speak English fluently. We have providers that speak Mandarin, Cantonese, and French fluently. If you speak one of these languages, please contact our office at 317.961.6396 to book with the fluent provider. We also offer translation services for certain languages. 

Do you sell Latisse?

Yes, we sell Latisse. Please call 317.961.6396 to inquire or contact your provider directly via the Team page, and your provider's profile.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we accept and are in-network with most major insurance networks including United Healthcare, Humana, and others.

How much is a consultation / appointment fee?

Only $179 - $199 per appointment. 

Do you offer telehealth appointments?

Yes, we are pleased to offer our patients a safe, contactless appointment option via telehealth. We use only HIPAA secured telehealth methods. Please go to book your experience, and select a telehealth visit option in the service selection.

Please note: certain appointment types may not qualify, and your provider may opt to move your appointment in-office under their medical advice. Furthermore, treatments must be administered in office. 

Is there free parking? Enough parking? Accessible parking?

Yes. Our building has a great amount of parking available surrounding the entire building.

There are ample accessible parking spots, and ramps leading into the building.

Parking is close to the building, and always free.

Do you offer translation services?

Yes, we offer translation services for many languages. Please contact our office at 317.961.6396 for details and to book your appointment. Please be sure to request a translator. You may also submit an inquiry in the chat box. 

What skincare brands do you sell?


Jan Marini
Skin Fuse
ZO Skin Health

How do I book an appointment?

Call 317-961-6396   Ext 1

To book with a specific provider; please click here, navigate to your provider, and click "book with provider"

What does insurance cover? 

Insurance is for medical appointments only, and for qualifying, medically necessary treatments. We will do our best to advocate for you for coverage, however, we cannot guarantee coverage as it depends heavily on the condition(s), concern(s), and treatments to be rendered (or rendered). Cosmetic treatments are never covered by insurance (i.e. Cosmetic botox, cosmetic fillers, etc).

Do you protect my information?


We never sell your information to anyone.

We are a HIPAA compliant medical office. All medical information is stored in a HIPAA compliant manner and is stored for a minimum of seven (7) years.

We will never release any medical information unless you consent for us to do so. 

Do you offer Free Wifi? 

What amenities do you offer?

We offer free Wifi, beverages, snacks, and other five star amenities.

Please click here to read more;

or please click here to book your ELEVATED experience today.

I am black, asian, latino, or other race. Can you treat my skin?

Absolutely! We treat all skin types. Our practitioners are all highly qualified, certified, and credentialed. Each provider also has extensive training in all skin types, and have also receiving courses, certificates, and additional continued education on various skin types. Our office is a leader in the area for treating ethnic skin types. 

Do you sell giftcards?

Yes, please click here to purchase a digital gift card. 


Purchase a gift card in store during normal business hours.


How can I pay my outstanding bill?

Please visit your Athena portal to view your outstanding balance and to pay securely.
Alternatively, please call 317-961-6396 for assistance or to pay over the phone.

You may 
also come in during regular office hours to pay securely in person.

Will insurance cover my Rx?

Your prescription coverage and the dispensing pharmacy are separate entities and, as such, we have no control over Rx coverage. We are a certified Good Rx provider, and can provide you with a Good Rx card to help you get the best savings, but insurance coverage of the specific Rx will vary depending on condition(s), diagnosis(es), the specific prescription, the pharmacy, your insurance (and whether you have Rx coverage), and other factors. 

Are you accepting new patients?

Do you require a referral?

Yes, we are currently accepting new patients without the need for a referral. 

The front door to the building is locked.

We're so sorry if this is the case! Due to enhanced security measures, COVID measures, and general patient security / privacy our building may be locked on Saturdays. Please call 317.961.6396 Ext 1 and someone will come down immediately to get you! If it is cold, please wait in your car for assistance.

If it is not Saturday, but the door is still locked please double check that you are at the correct building, at the front door, and that your appointment date and time is correct. 

Thanks for your understanding.

Do you treat newborns, infants, children, teenagers, adults?

Absolutely! We treat all ages from infancy through adulthood (for dermatology). 

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