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With all Kontakt Player formats, there is a registration process which requires the purchaser to fill out some essential information about their sound module and serial number. In turn, it is validated by the Service Center. If approved, an activation code is emailed to the purchaser. (The activation code must be entered at the keychain/desktop via the Kontakt Player setup screen for the product to function with any license other than the free Kontakt Player.) Then, after the product is registered, one can use the Kontakt Player to load and play all the standard instruments, sampler and effects instruments. The last part of this registration process is setting up instrument presets and character sets, which has been enabled since Kontakt 4.

A few of our Powered-By-Kontakt Player format libraries have been specially encoded to use the lossless proprietary NCW audio format, developed by Native Instruments for use in the Kontakt engine. The compression type is a data-compression system that does not alter the original audio fidelity at all. It only provides a reduction in disk space and loading requirements. Once the samples are loaded into Kontakt, the ncw files are re-expanded into normal full resolution wav audio, including the full ram requirement that comes with it. Because they are packed into encrypted nkx monolith files within the library, any of our NCW compressed products cannot be converted, extracted or remapped directly into other samplers outside of Kontakt. 3d9ccd7d82


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