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How to Enjoy The Little Prince on Any Device with Mobi Format

The Little Prince Ebook Mobi Download

If you are looking for a timeless and charming book that will appeal to both children and adults, you might want to consider The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. This classic tale tells the story of a little boy who leaves his own tiny planet to travel the universe, learning about the wonders and follies of life through a series of extraordinary encounters. In this article, we will tell you more about The Little Prince, its author, its themes, and its illustrations. We will also show you how to download The Little Prince ebook in mobi format, which is compatible with most e-readers and devices.

The Little Prince Ebook Mobi Download

The story of The Little Prince

The Little Prince was first published in France in 1943, during World War II. It is narrated by a pilot who crashes his plane in the Sahara desert and meets a mysterious little boy who claims to come from another planet. The little prince tells the pilot about his adventures on different planets, where he meets various characters who represent different aspects of human nature, such as a king who rules over nothing, a vain man who seeks admiration, a drunkard who drinks to forget his shame, a businessman who counts stars for profit, a geographer who knows nothing about his own planet, and a lamplighter who follows orders without question. The little prince also tells the pilot about his love for a rose that grows on his planet, which he left behind to explore the universe. He learns from a wise fox that the true value of things lies in their uniqueness and their relationship with others. He also learns that one can only see clearly with the heart, not with the eyes.

The author of The Little Prince

The author of The Little Prince was Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, a French writer and aviator who was born in Lyon in 1900. He was fascinated by flying since his childhood and became a pilot at the age of 26. He flew for various airlines and military missions, and wrote several books based on his experiences, such as Night Flight, Wind, Sand and Stars, and Flight to Arras. He also drew illustrations for his own books, including The Little Prince. He was inspired by his own life events and encounters to create the characters and situations in The Little Prince. For example, he crashed his plane in the Sahara desert in 1935 and met a Bedouin who saved his life. He also had a rose garden at his home in France, where he lived with his wife Consuelo, whom he loved deeply but had a turbulent relationship with. He disappeared in 1944 while flying a reconnaissance mission over the Mediterranean Sea during World War II. His plane was found only in 2000, and his identity bracelet was recovered in 2008.

The themes and messages of The Little Prince

The Little Prince is a book that explores many themes and messages that are relevant for both children and adults. Some of the main themes are:

  • The importance of imagination and curiosity. The little prince is a child who sees the world with wonder and asks many questions. He challenges the pilot's narrow and rational view of reality and invites him to rediscover his childhood dreams and creativity.

  • The critique of modern society and human folly. The little prince encounters many characters who represent the absurdity and vanity of human behavior, such as the obsession with power, fame, wealth, and knowledge. He exposes the emptiness and loneliness of their lives and shows the value of simplicity and sincerity.

  • The meaning of love and friendship. The little prince learns from the fox that love is not about possession or appearance, but about creating a bond and a responsibility with someone or something. He realizes that he loves his rose despite her flaws and that he misses her terribly. He also forms a friendship with the pilot, who becomes his confidant and companion.

  • The cycle of life and death. The little prince faces the reality of death when he decides to return to his planet by letting a snake bite him. He tells the pilot that he is not afraid of dying, because he believes that he will return to his star and that he will always be alive in the pilot's memory. He also tells the pilot that he will be able to hear his laughter in the stars and that he will feel happy when he looks at them.

The illustrations of The Little Prince

One of the most distinctive features of The Little Prince is its illustrations, which were drawn by the author himself. The illustrations are simple, colorful, and expressive, and they complement the text perfectly. They help the reader to visualize the characters and the scenes, as well as to convey the emotions and the messages of the story. The illustrations also have a symbolic meaning, such as the drawing of the boa constrictor swallowing an elephant, which represents how grown-ups fail to see beyond appearances, or the drawing of the baobabs, which represent the dangers of letting negative thoughts grow in one's mind. The illustrations also have a personal touch, as they reflect the author's own style and experiences.

How to download The Little Prince ebook in mobi format

If you want to read The Little Prince on your e-reader or device, you might want to download it in mobi format. Mobi is a file format that is compatible with most e-readers, such as Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader, etc. Mobi files can also be opened on smartphones, tablets, computers, and online platforms using various apps or programs. Mobi files have some advantages over other formats, such as:

  • They can adjust to different screen sizes and orientations.

  • They can support images, fonts, styles, bookmarks, annotations, etc.