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Immo Universal Decoder 3.2

decoding tool is used to decode ecu immobilizer using immobilizer engine detection signal (in obd-ii or can)tested systems for immobilizer decode:petrol:siemens fenix3siemens fenix5siemens sirius32sagem safir(55pin)sagem safir2(55pin)bosch motronic mp7.0magneti marelli iaw 06rdiesel:bosch msa 15.5(dti)bosch edc15c3(dci)lucas dcu3r(1.9d)code fuel cut-off valve(1.9d dds)you just need some basic tools. windows, mac or linux(ubuntu) system are all supported.decoding process is semi-automatic, from year 1996 - fully automated. especially this tool can be useful when rubber-filled fenix5, safir2 or coded diesel anti-start valve must be decoded. this tool will decode all listed type 1 and 2 immobilizer systems..

Immo universal decoder 3.2

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after decoding the user has the possibility to know the code of engine management system (ecu), to change new code (being able to adapt the regeneration limit according to the new coding) and in almost all cases, to remove completely the code of the engine management system.

to decode the engine management system is only necessary to have a software that can read the obd2-ii cars (um, can, gp, vp) connected to the obd2 port, or a device equipped with a can access port. the software can be installed in any operating system such as windows xp or mac. the demo version is capable of testing up to 8 ecus in a batch.

immo code decoder uses the ecu engine immobilization system to detect the immo immobilizer key (double click on start of key), the engine management system will be run if the immo key is locked. the immo ecu can be decoded by interfacing the scanner (obd2-ii cars) with the read file of the ecu, this reading method is an improvement since it is the only that allows us to know the serial number of ecu.

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