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How to Use DevExpress 11.1 Controls in Visual Studio 2010

DevExpress 11.1: A Powerful Suite of UI Components and Reporting Tools for ASP.NET Development

If you are looking for a comprehensive and feature-rich set of UI components and reporting tools for ASP.NET development, you should consider DevExpress 11.1. This version of DevExpress offers a wide range of controls for web forms, MVC, and core applications, as well as a robust reporting engine that can generate interactive and customizable reports for any data source.

devexpress 11.1

What is DevExpress 11.1?

DevExpress 11.1 is a suite of UI components and reporting tools that can help you create stunning and responsive web applications with ASP.NET. DevExpress 11.1 includes over 100 controls for web forms, such as grids, charts, editors, menus, ribbons, schedulers, and more. It also provides MVC extensions that integrate seamlessly with the ASP.NET MVC framework, allowing you to use the same controls in both web forms and MVC applications. Additionally, DevExpress 11.1 supports ASP.NET core development, offering core-specific controls and libraries that can run on any platform.

DevExpress 11.1 also comes with a powerful reporting engine that can create dynamic and interactive reports for any data source. You can design reports using a visual designer or code, and then preview, print, or export them to various formats. You can also embed reports in your web applications using report viewers or document viewers, or publish them to a report server for centralized management and distribution.

Why Choose DevExpress 11.1?

There are many reasons to choose DevExpress 11.1 for your ASP.NET development needs. Here are some of the main benefits of using DevExpress 11.1:

  • High performance and scalability: DevExpress 11.1 controls are optimized for speed and efficiency, ensuring fast loading and smooth scrolling even with large amounts of data. DevExpress 11.1 also supports data virtualization, paging, filtering, sorting, grouping, and other features that can improve the performance and usability of your web applications.

  • Rich functionality and customization: DevExpress 11.1 controls offer a wide range of features and options that can enhance the functionality and appearance of your web applications. You can customize the layout, appearance, behavior, and interactivity of each control using properties, methods, events, templates, themes, skins, and more. You can also extend the functionality of the controls using custom editors, validators, formatters, summaries, expressions, and more.

  • Easy integration and compatibility: DevExpress 11.1 controls are designed to integrate seamlessly with the ASP.NET framework and other technologies. You can use DevExpress 11.1 controls with any data source, such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, XML, JSON, LINQ, Entity Framework, etc. You can also use DevExpress 11.1 controls with other third-party libraries and frameworks, such as jQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS, ReactJS, etc.

  • Comprehensive documentation and support: DevExpress 11.1 provides detailed documentation and tutorials that can help you get started and learn how to use the controls effectively. You can also access online demos and examples that showcase the capabilities and features of each control. Moreover, you can get technical support from the DevExpress team via email or phone.

How to Get Started with DevExpress 11.1?

If you want to try out DevExpress 11.1 for yourself, you can download a free trial version from the DevExpress website: The trial version includes all the UI components and reporting tools that are available in the full version.

To install DevExpress 11.1 on your machine, you need to run the installer and follow the instructions on the screen. The installer will automatically detect your Visual Studio version and install the appropriate components for your project type.

To use DevExpress 11.1 in your web applications, you need to add references to the required assemblies in your project and register them in your web.config file. You can also use the Project Converter tool that comes with DevExpress 11.1 to convert your existing projects to use DevExpress controls.

To learn how to use DevExpress 11.1 controls in your web applications, you can refer to the online documentation: The documentation provides step-by-step guides on how to create web forms or MVC applications using DevExpress controls.


DevExpress 11.1 is a powerful suite of UI components and reporting tools that can help you create stunning and responsive web applications with ASP.NET. DevExpress 11.1 offers high performance, rich functionality,

easy integration,

and comprehensive documentation

and support