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Download Diagbox Txt


Download Diagbox Txt

Once you have downloaded the Diagbox (VMware) archive, you need to extract all its content on your computer using WinRAR or 7ZIP. Ideally, you can create a PSA folder in the C: drive to find everything in the same place.It is imperative not to open the software still in the archive, it will not work.

Add. Info :Installation instructions :- Extract ALL contents to the "DocumentsVM\PSA" folder that you create for example, or to another folder that will not change afterwards, and especially not to the root of your hard drive!!!!! do not directly open files from the archive !!!!- Remove read-only attributes from the folder and subfolders- First install VMWARE PLAYER IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT !!! (located in the distribution), allow the installation of various drivers, and at the end, restart the computer.- Create a desktop shortcut for the file "VM_DIAGBOX_9.129" by right-clicking ] Send to ] Desktop (Create a shortcut)- Open the previously created shortcut, start the virtual machine, select the "I moved it" option. If you don't, activation will NOT work- On desktop, connect interface to PC, VM message will ask you if you want to connect this device to host (your PC) or VM (diagbox), select on VM, you can check the box "Always this choice" before validation. if there is no message, click on the peripherals menu at the top, then USB and select the PSA interface.- Launch Diagbox

So far, no one has tested that Diagbox 9.68 can be compatible with clone lexia-3 hardware. For safety, it is best to install and use the lower version diagbox 7.83 packed in the lexia-3 package. There are an increasing number of users purchase Lexia3 with Diagbox software V7.83 and verified working fine.

Thankyou for this. I have included a link to this topic in the one with links to all your other Lexia, Diagbox and PP2000 topics.

I have recompiled V8.xx updates from 8.02 to 8.17 (see attached file DBox_8xx_updates.txt) with all original files included and only the 4 files that make it work with version 7 changed. They will report V8.xx NOT V7.xx, you can try them.The version.ini file has:[APPLICATION]Version=08.17Version=07.81However, after starting DiagBox and before starting Lexia, "Version=08.xx" needs to be commented, otherwise Lexia will deactivate DiagBox, in which case you need to restore APPDIAG.SYS to be working again, like this:[APPLICATION];Version=08.17Version=07.81Else, keep "Version=08.xx" commented and DiagBox will report V7.xx but everything will be working fine... Please notice that DiagBox will NOT start with "Version=08.xx" only in version.ini (due to V7 profile).Now, how are updates performed....Updates are downloaded and expanded (by DiaagBox) in "C:\AWRoot\dtwr\updt\Appli\" folder as RAR files, then moved to "C:\AWRoot\dtwr\updt\MAJDIST\".You can manually expand one or more update in the "MAJDIST" folder where it will have the AWRoot, APP and possibly the APPLIC folders. The presence of "majdist.tmp" tells DiagBox that an update is waiting to be installed and on running DiagBox it will start Internet Update. If you remove "majdist.tmp" or rename it, DiagBox will NOT perform the Internet update even if it is downloaded, expanded and ready..The idea is to navigate through the various folders and edit or remove necessary/unnecessary files so that it works... Run an upgrade file, it will expand in the "C:\AWRoot\dtwr\updt\MAJDIST\" folder, change the name of the "majdist.tmp" file so that you don't do something silly accidentally, or compress the files and move them somewhere else for manipulation, then move them back when done. Compare different files to whats hapenning.The files that you are most likely to work with are in "AWRoot" and the main files that may damage the installation if it fails are APPDIAG.SYS, CFG.BIN in "AWRoot\bin\fi", CONFIG.SYS in "AWRoot\dtwr\cfg" and the 13 files starting with "fr.actia.AWF.xxxxxxxxx.dll" in the


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