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America's Best Dermatologist 

ELEVATED is proudly home to Dr. Zhao, who has been rated America's Best Dermatologist. He has trained at some of the leading global institutions in Dermatology, diagnostics, and surgery. All of our providers at Elevated have trained directly under Dr. Zhao, and work as an active member of the care team. All providers at Elevated are selected for their prestigious and diverse medical training, backgrounds, and expertise lending you an unmatched, and highly collaborative, Dermatologic team. 

Dermatology Consultation


We Deliver Exceptional Dermatologic Care

to keep you healthy and enjoying the things you love!

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. As a result, oftentimes, our skin is a mirror to our overall health. Routine Dermatologic care is fundamental as our practitioners can, in some occasions, spot underlying conditions, nutritional imbalances, hormonal imbalances and more through your skin and dermatologic evaluation. Similarly, skin health also has a major impact on our internal health. 

Our practitioners know the importance of your skin, and your health is their number one priority. As such, they are committed to taking their time to thoroughly evaluate you, your skin, and your health at your Dermatologic visit. 

Remember to always prioritize your Dermatologic care by booking your semi-annual appointment today.

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Cutting Edge Laser Treatments

Laser treatments are a Gold Standard in excellent dermatologic care. Lasers can treat an expansive number of skin conditions and concerns; and can even help you achieve your aesthetic goals as well. At Elevated we can treat skin conditions and concerns ranging from acne, severe or cystic acne, acne scars, scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, skin laxity, cellulite, unwanted tattoos, unwanted hair, a multitude of skin diseases and conditions, and more. 

Dermal Fillers and Medical Spa

For the Indianapolis area - and well beyond- our Medical Spa is simply unmatched. With only the highest level of care through the most highly recognized and certified providers, the best prices around, and only luxury name brand products and pharmaceuticals ELEVATED MedSpa is your ultimate luxury medical spa at prices you can actually afford.


We offer all dermal fillers no matter the filler or location for only $489 a syringe always. Our extensive menu of services, unbeatable prices, VIP events and more is an experience unlike any other.

Unlock luxury today. You deserve it.

Skin Conditions

We treat all skin conditions and types. Our providers are all uniquely certified to treat your specific condition. Rest assured - at ELEVATED, you and your skin are in the right hands. 

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Hair Growth, Hair Removal, and Hair Health

Your scalp is our training. 

Did you know that your hair and scalp is a part of your skin system - called your integumentary system? Trust your scalp and hair concerns to the experts - at Elevated Dermatology. 

We understand the importance of your hair to you, your identity, your health, and even - your mental health. That is something we take very seriously. 

Our providers will dive deep into your hair concern whether it is: unwanted hair, desired laser hair removal, excessive hair growth, male pattern baldness, receding hair lines, hair loss, thinning hair, damaged hair, Alopecia, thyroid conditions, postpartum hair loss, pregnancy related hair loss, menopause related hair loss, diet related hair loss, aging, early greying, dandruff, lice, slow growing hair, brittle hair, or another concern. 

At Elevated, dermatologic hair care is one of our leading specialities and most highly performed services. 

Your hair matters to you. Trust us, we get that. Let us help you and your hair by booking an appointment today.


Your nails are a part of your skin system, and as such, their health is our specialty.

Common nail concerns and conditions we treat are: 

nail fungus 

brittle or weak nails 

nail discoloration 

skin cancer of the nail bed

spoon nails

nail clubing 

ingrown nails 

separating nails 

yellow nails 

nail biting 

curved nails 

blue nails 

broken nails 

nail injuries 

& more 

If you have a concern about your nails or nail health schedule a visit today. 

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At Elevated, we offer the finest luxury collection of hand selected and curated products backed by extensive research, proven performance, and expert creation. Our selection is one unlike any other, and will get you on the path to your skin goals. 


We are proudly partnered with some of the top skincare products and research institutions around the world. We offer skincare products and brands from The United States, Korea, Japan, and Europe. Many of the skincare products we retail cannot be purchased online, are sold exclusively at Elevated or only other select leading Dermatology offices, and cannot be purchased in standard retail stores. 






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